Treatment Through Precious Metals and Precious Stones

Precious stones and metals have a positive effect on human health. Gold has the strongest influence, because it has a magnetic power.

Gold is a symbol of the spirit – crystallized sunlight.

There is consciousness in the gold, not in the gold itself, but in those, who are masters of gold. If you love these masters, their hearts open and they will give you what they have, but first you need to meet them.

Gold is a stored solar energy that Hindus call prana, and human health depends on it. Prana is contained in the Sun. Therefore, it is recommendable for people to go out early in the morning to take a large amount of prana.

Gold is the best conductor of life, prana, and vital energy. One, who has more gold in his blood, enjoys a longer life. If gold in somebody is little, he is ailing. Spiritual science has formulas, through which gold is attracted.

As good conductors of warmth and electricity, gold and silver may be used as remedies. Give one gram of pure gold to somebody, who does not feel well, and see how his unwellness will disappear. The same concerns silver. Pure silver cleans like the Moon, and gold is considered a symbol of life. Silver takes out impurities, and gold brings life to one, who is depressed.

Take one gram of pure native gold, put it in ten grams of water and let it for a few days in the sun. If you are not well, take ten drops of that water and the discomfort will pass. If you are ill, take ten drops of that water. In general, no matter what you have experienced, treat yourself by that water.

When treated, put a gold coin in the water to stay awhile and then drink from it by one teaspoon a day.

Everyone has a certain amount of gold in him. And he externally may be so rich as much organic gold there is in his blood.

Gold may heal neurasthenia – a gold coin is to be put in clean water to stay for several hours. Microscopic particles of gold will dissolve in the water and it becomes healing HQ Pharmacy Viagra. It will soothe a nervous person. Wearing gold jewelry is not senseless. I advise you to always have a gold coin with you.

Silver heals. If you have any pain, take pure silver, put it in water for 24 hours, and after that drink from that water from time to time.

By speaking about the properties of gold, I mean the primary gold that has come out with the first ray of light and passed through the true sun, then through the dark, then through our one and come, together with it, to Earth. That gold contains four valuable qualities that bring the suns through which it has passed. It may be said for that gold that it is a bearer of life.

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