Pentagon Spends Over $500,000 On Blue Pills

Pentagon Spends Over $500,000 On Blue PillsReportedly of US Department of Defense (the official report is published on the department’s website) last year the Pentagon expenses on Viagra have exceed the $500,000 mark. The report states that in 2014 the department has signed 60 contracts for delivery of the drug worth of $504,815. All the contracts were signed exclusively with Canadian Health Inc., a far-famed Fortune 500 pharmaceutical distribution company.

In addition, the Pentagon has expanded the list of erectile dysfunction drugs it has purchased: the report contains Levitra and Cialis – the medicaments with different active ingredients (vardenafil and tadalafil). Levitra and Cialis costed the department $3,505 and $14,540 accordingly.

The demand for Viagra in the military has increased dramatically since 2013 – during that year the amount of 425 thousand dollars was spent. Interestingly, a year earlier, in 2012, as little as 8 thousand dollars accounted to these purposes.

It should be added that the drug is issued free of charge to those military personnel, in which doctors diagnosed erectile dysfunction (a thorough test is needed for diagnosis). Even though doctors are required to explain side effects (the list includes headaches, redness of the face, dizziness, flushing and etc.) and don’t guarantee the effect, the demand is obviously growing. With the cost of a single package of $25 and a clear growth tendency in 2015, it is almost surely the total expenses will exceed the mark of 2014.

In addition, the list of recommended for military personnel means to improve erectile function includes a number of devices, such as external vacuum pumps, implants, and so on.

Reasonable investment?

The strength and stability of action of Viagra during a sexual intercourse made its reputation. But as it turned out, a recent Stanford University study claims the drug is also capable of improving heart and lungs endurance. In this regard, consuming the preparation is potentially beneficial for American soldiers serving in the mountains of Afghanistan.

The study involved 10 volunteers riding the bikes and breathed in the rarefied oxygen, the same as that in the mountains at an altitude of 4000 meters. After taking Viagra, four of the participants demonstrated an increase in speed by 39% in six kilometer laps.

Scientists do not know why sildenafil citrate has helped only four out of 10 participants, but they know that these four were more subjected to physical activity negative consequences in the rarefied atmosphere than others.

The results have encouraged the research authorities to keep on studying the positive impact, so the future researches will involve more individuals and would be more grounded due to an addition of another phase.

The US Military department has already spent over $84m. for erectile dysfunction preparations in 2014, yet it seems that the mark may grow in case of successful results.

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