Enough Already! The Facts about ED Drugs You Are Tired of Hearing

Impotence, ED, dysfunction, male’s failure, and sexual inability – whatever the name is the problem remains the same. We buy pills from Canadian Pharmacy, enjoy their affordability, delivery services and great effects. There are so many facts we know! But there exist numerous things we’re not aware of! The first ones are what we’ve decided to focus on. Let’s dot one’s “i’s” and cross one’s “t’s” to move on to new facts, discoveries and inventions.

Enough Already! The Facts about ED Drugs You Are Tired of Hearing

FACT 1: ED Symptoms, Signs and Blah-Blah-Blah

There are three main erectile dysfunction symptoms everyone knows about either because they were experienced or prevented:

  • inability of obtaining a penile erection;
  • not firm enough penile erection (vaginal penetration is impossible);
  • there is the penile erection, but it is never maintained for the length of the intercourse.

FACT 2: Viagra OR the First ED Drug

A little blue pill more at mycanadianpharmacyrx.com/generic-viagra-sildenafil, as it is also called, was created and FDA approved in 1998. Less than in one year it became in need among a greater part of ED sufferers due to its ability to assist in sexual intercourses. Of course, later on there appeared many other options (more tablets, soft pills, creams, gels, etc.), but every time it comes to the medication choice, most men turn to Canadian Viagra, and not to Cialis or Levitra. A typically prescribed dose is 50mg. However, the dosage can vary from man to man.

Perhaps, one of pill’s drawbacks is the fact it works not sooner than in 40-60 minutes after the intake. There’s no chance for spontaneity in relations or an occasional intercourse. Erections last up to 4-5 hours, though the duration differs depending on different health factors as well as foods consumed.

If you count on an automatic reaction, that’s not the thing with Canadian Viagra: the effect is achievable only during stimulation.

FACT 3: Cialis Is Better than Viagra

There’s a tendency for many new ED medications to work much better than their predecessors. This is the case with Cialis, too. A single pill provides awesome effects within quarter of an hour. In fact, there are daily options and doses that allow any man be well-armed at any time.

You probably know that Cialis is chosen for its ability to stay in the body for 36 hours. And you have definitely heard people call it a weekend pill. The clinical trials for both drugs are pretty much the same when it comes to the number of males, who improved their erections. Yet if one judges by side effects, it’s important to mention that those of Cialis are milder and rare. Diarrhea, visual disturbance and rash are the cases for Viagra users. Those on Cialis may have a head- or backache.

The advantages of Cialis at Canadian Pharmacy are obvious. You can buy it online and enjoy your sexual life at any time. However, there’s one thing you should do before the intake: make sure it will work for your case. Professional consultations will assist you in finding out.

FACT 4: No ED Pill Is 100% Safe

The risk of experiencing severe side effects is higher, if one combines ED pills with other drugs. Whatever description you read, there’s always a paragraph concerning drug interaction. We’ve added it here too as a part of the Enough Already article.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are dangerous for those, who:

  • have severe liver diseases;
  • suffer from a kidney disease that requires dialysis;
  • suffer from hypotension;
  • deal with uncontrolled high blood pressure (hypertension);
  • take nitrate drugs that are prescribed for chest pain.

FACT 5: Soft Pills Boast more Benefits than Plain Tablets

Whatever tablets a man chooses they need time to start working. The period usually differs from the one indicated. So, there is a question that naturally arises: are there alterative treatment options? Lately, researchers have found another oral treatment option – a soft pill that allows relaxing and performing when the moment is perfect.
Soft pills don’t get into the stomach. They dissolve while in the mouth and get into the blood stream faster allowing men feel confident and young.

FACT 6: Foods Can either Boost or Slow down Pill’s Effect

Any drug for ED treatment can be taken with or without foods. And the positive effects are going to be the same. Frankly speaking, taking pills on an empty stomach can lead to fewer side effects, because there is the list of foods and drinks that always interact with PDE5 inhibitors and have a negative impact on male’s health:

  • alcohol (only red wine can speed up the effect);
  • grapefruit fruit or juice;
  • high-fat meals (French fries, hamburgers, etc.).

Those, who are interested in superb outcomes, turn to another list of products. Read it and make it be stamped on your memory once again:

  • raisins;
  • pomegranate fruit or juice;
  • asparagus;
  • spinach;
  • chili pepper;
  • strawberries;
  • garlic;
  • dark chocolate;
  • bananas;
  • watermelons.

Some get surprised to see spinach in the list. Remember Popeye the Sailor and his favorite vegetable? It’s full of Vitamin E that stimulates the release of man’s sex hormones. Recently, it appeared to be effective for females too for the manganese that increases female fertility and estrogen production.

Asparagus is full of Vitamin B and increases histamine production, which is of great impotence for the sex drive both in males and females. Along with Vitamin B asparagus has copper, Vitamins A and K, folate and potassium.

Unlike grapefruits juice, pomegranate one doesn’t interact with a blue pill. On the contrary, a glass of juice provides with a whole pack of antioxidants that enhance the blood flow to man’s genitalia. Those, who suffer from ED, should make it a point of drinking it on a daily basis to recover sexual powers, avoid heart diseases and prostate cancer. And finally, why eating watermelons can help in getting more sexual satisfaction? Watermelons are the main sources of phytonutrient – Citrulline that leads to muscle relaxation.

These are the facts that most men are sick and tired of, tired of reading and listening. So, why do doctors mention them everywhere? The thing is that only a few patients learn and use them. You may have heard most of them, so ask yourself, whether any of them was taken into account. Don’t you think that it’s time to reread all the mentioned facts and turn the knowledge to advantage?

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