Brand and generic drugs – what to choose?

Generics are viewed with suspicion by many patients, too often due to incorrect information that have spread on their allegedly lower quality than the brand-name drugs (so-called medicines “branded”). With this this article we will shed some light on issues of great importance as authorization process, composition, excipients, and, above all, bioequivalence useful to define exhaustively that an equivalent drug has the same qualitative and quantitative composition of the medicinal product reference and meets the three basic requirements necessary for any medicine to gain marketing authorization: quality, safety and efficacy.

Commerce must have the same requirements for the quality of the generic drug as for that of the brand drug and is therefore subject to the same tests on the medicinal products. The quality of a drug is obtained through a set of procedures laid down by Community law (Good Manufacture Practice, GMP) and implemented by the manufacturer before, during and after the production of the drug itself.

It is also necessary to show that the substances of which it is composed, and in particular the

active ingredient, are not harmful at doses that will be employed in clinical practice. The dossier for authorization of a new drug must contain a whole series of experiments and animal studies in order to ensure the safety of the active ingredients. On the other hand, these tests have a sense if the active substance is new and not yet tested on humans, but are to be considered superfluous once the substance is well known and consolidated its clinical use for many years of marketing.

To establish the efficacy of a generic medicine, instead of the normal clinical studies provided for a generic medicinal product, there should be taken only a bioequivalence study, that is, a study to assess the therapeutic equivalence between two similar formulations. Canadian health care mall – discount healthcare medications online.

The comparison of the therapeutic effects of two drugs containing the same substance active is a crucial way to evaluate the possibility of replacing an innovator drug (of reference) with an essentially similar medicinal product (generic).

Two drugs are considered bioequivalent when, with the same dose, their profiles of blood concentration versus time are so similar that it is unlikely that they can produce significant differences in the effects of efficacy and safety.

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